Antibody Core

Poly(GP) Monoclonal Antibody:

We have generated the poly(GP) monoclonal antibody from two hybridoma clones, which are available to the ALS research community worldwide. Investigators interested in the more immunoreactive of the two purified poly(GP) monoclonal antibodies (TALS 828.179) can fill out the MTA and send to Manish Raisinghani.

Additionally, the two hybridoma clones have been deposited at the Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DHSB) and can be accessed by sending a request to Target ALS at Manish Raisinghani. The supernatant from both clones (TALS 828.179 and TALS 828.66) work similarly in validation assays and can be accessed by contacting DHSB directly.

Mouse Vacht Polyclonal Antibody:

The antibody is available to ALS researchers worldwide. Investigators can request up to 10 aliquots (each aliquot contains 20 μl of the antibody).

To make a request, please contact Manish Raisinghani (