Resource: Genomic Data Sets

Target ALS has partnered with the New York Genome Center (NYGC) with funding from the ALS Association and Tow Foundation to perform whole genome sequencing and multiple region whole tissue RNA sequencing analysis on all of our postmortem cases.  This constantly growing raw genetic data set is made immediately and is freely available to both academic and industry researchers without IP or authorship concerns and is linked to the tissue samples and de-identified metadata.

The clinically annotated genomic data and multiple CNS region RNASeq analysis can be visualized and explored online using the NYGC’s MetroNome Visual Data Exploration Platform. WGS and RNA-Seq raw data files can be requested via our Genetic Data Request Form. Detailed information about sample processing, QC and analysis are available for the WGS and RNA-Seq data.

Questions about available genetic data and the request process should be directed to