Viral Vector Core

AAV vectors have considerable potential for modulation of gene expression in the CNS in vivo. Production of high-quality AAV is a costly and time-consuming effort. To enable Target ALS investigators access to high-quality AAV and tools for target validation, we are working with Virovek. a contract research organization specializing in recombinant AAV production.

Virovek is offering comprehensive gene construct design, synthesis and cloning of transgene plasmids.

Target ALS will cover the costs of two AAV projects/year/lab for up to a total cost of $5,000/year. Each project will deliver AAV at 1 X 1013 vg/μl titer concentrated to a recommended titer of 1 X 1014 vg/μl in two 100μl aliquots. Costs of additional volume, higher titer, and additional projects will be covered by the investigator.

The investigator will also cover any costs for gene construct design, synthesis, and cloning of transgene plasmid (comprehensive cloning service will cost ~$695/project). Target ALS will cover the costs for the comprehensive cloning service and AAV production for Springboard Fellowship awardees.

To make a request, please contact Manish Raisinghani (