Resources For Scientists

Our Cutting Edge Core Facilities

Historically, ALS researchers have cited poor quality, lack of standardization, limited accessibility and the high cost of critical tools, and resources as a major barrier to advancing their ideas. We began to tackle these issues by creating entirely new Target ALS Core Facilities comprised of a network of academic centers and contract research organizations that, for the first time in the history of the disease, provide access to critical ALS research tools and resources to scientists with no strings attached.

Human Postmortem Tissue Core

We provide access to multiple CNS sub-regions from ALS and control cases with detailed de-identified clinical and demographic information.

Genomic Datasets

We provide access to Whole Genome Sequencing and whole tissue RNA sequencing (from multiple CNS regions) datasets from all of our postmortem cases.

Stem Cell Core

We provide access to iPS lines from ALS (familial and sporadic) and control cases.

Animal Models

We are creating new ALS rodent models that will be accessible to your lab directly and through our In Vivo Target Validation Core.

In Vivo Target Validation Core

We aim to test whether modulation of your target modifies disease relevant phenotypes in multiple ALS mouse models.

Viral Vector Core

We provide high quality AAV vectors for in vivo target validation studies.

Antibody Core

We are creating a panel of high quality monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for the research community.