Stem Cell Core

The potential of human stem cell models for casting light on ALS disease mechanisms and for testing drug candidates is clear. Establishing this technology is a major undertaking for any individual lab, so Target ALS has worked to make it accessible to the ALS researchers in academia and pharma/biotech industry worldwide. The cell lines are provided with no reach-through on data or intellectual property.

Target ALS has created a network of contract research organizations and academic core facilities to generate and distribute new iPS cell and reporter lines.

In response to widespread demand from the scientific community, Target ALS expanded the Stem Cell Core in 2020 to include four new reporter lines. These reporter lines further enable scientists to investigate the underlying disease mechanisms and effect of drugs on disease pathology.

They were created through a partnership with Columbia University Irving Medical Center and research conducted by Alejandro Garcia-Diaz, Gizem Efe, Khushbu Kabra, Achchhe Patel, Emily R. Lowry, Neil Shneider, Barbara Corneo, and Hynek Wichterle, as well as Jennifer Moore and her team at Infinity BiologiX.

To order Target ALS stem cell reporter lines, click here and filter subjects by edited iPSC. Then select Target ALS in the “Filter Subjects” section at the bottom. Do not filter by disease collection.