Our Approach

A New Way to Accelerate Progress

The world’s greatest scientific achievements are accomplished when people choose to work together.

These collaborations change lives and change the way we live them. In many cases, it has translated into groundbreaking medical research and lifesaving treatments.

As champions for the power of collaboration, we created our unique Innovation Ecosystem. Over the last seven years, our approach has dramatically accelerated research results leading to the development of over a dozen therapeutic approaches for ALS.

Collaborative Funding

Target ALS fosters collaboration by exclusively funding multi-investigator research consortia that pursue novel approaches for ALS drug discovery and development.

Scientific Tools and Resources

ALS researchers worldwide have access to a range of critical tools ranging from biospecimens to genomic datasets to stem cells with no strings attached.

A Fairer Grant-Making Process

All ALS funding decisions are reviewed and ultimately decided by a conflict-free Independent Review Committee.

Engagement Between Academia and Industry

Target ALS offers the pharma/biotech industry access to its funding and resources to promote collaborative research projects across academia and industry and to seed ALS drug discovery programs in the industry.

No Intellectual Property Restrictions

Target ALS does not place any intellectual property (IP) restrictions on data generated by its funded research projects or scientific tools and resources, helping to facilitate the organization’s collaborative approach.

High-Impact Networking and Communication

Target ALS fosters ongoing networking and communication between scientists in academia and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, among other stakeholders. This includes an annual summit in Cambridge, MA attended by 300+ scientists, foundations, venture capitalists, industry leaders and donors.

The Innovation Ecosystem

Join Us to Change the Prognosis for Patients

For the first time in the 150+ year history of this disease, we face a historic opportunity to radically change the prognosis for patients.

With your support, Target ALS can expand the Innovation Ecosystem, further advancing the development of new therapies that can be translated rapidly into the clinic and aid in the discovery of much-needed ALS Biomarkers. 

Together, we can achieve historic breakthroughs and change the prognosis for patients.